08.03.2021 Feelings of anxiety are plaguing children. How can families provide support?

QA Feelings of anxiety

I think the first step would be for families, and parents especially, to accept that they can’t exactly replicate normal life. They can only try their best to make this phase okay and bearable for their child. This can help reduce some of the pressure. The next step would be, if possible, to have an open conversation with their children to understand their world and to the way their child is thinking. Ask them questions: ‘What is it that’s the most difficult for you? Is there something for you that’s particularly worrying?

’ Children can be quite good at just saying what’s on their mind. And based on their responses, you can get creative. It can be deciding – ‘Ok, let’s establish that twice a week we have a virtual dinner with friends, board games as a family, building a board game as a family’. Deciding that this is an opportunity to do things we don’t usually take the time to do, such as exploring a different part of nature in the countryside of wherever you live, etc. I think a combination of all these things can help, and getting creative could be the key to a lot of solutions. Again, bearing in mind that you can only do your best in a time that is going to be stressful, difficult and complicated for a lot of people.

– Melissa Nobile, Psychologist, The Kusnacht Practice