How does a Limbic Chair work?

QA How does a Limbic

The Limbic Chair consists of two shells which wrap delicately around each of a seated person’s thighs. The sitter can move each leg independently with six degrees of freedom from the specially balanced shells. Yet, there is no back rest. It is very comfortable because the designers have combined two things: the pelvic and the spinal physics. The Limbic Chair can be successfully used for meditation, work, for getting more in touch with your body or simply for enjoying and sitting healthily.

One effect of the Limbic Chair is that it enhances somatic perception. While sitting in the chair, you can feel your body more. Apart from making you feel light, the Limbic Chair enhances sensitivity to touch and movement, helping you reconnect with your body and meditate or to discover your body and your mind’s freedom of movement and expression. The chair can also be used by people with spinal and other medical impairments without any difficulty.

The limbic system connects our bodies with our emotions and our emotions with our thinking brain. In three years of research at the MIT Media Lab, a chair was developed that makes you feel like you are weightless and that stimulates your body to do incentivised movements. These are movements that promote positive mental states. They make you feel happy and express happiness. These movements have a direct impact on the limbic system, hence the name of the chair, the Limbic Chair.

– Raluca Babota, Head of Continuing Care, The Kusnacht Practice