What is Biomolecular Restoration? Dr. Antoinette Sarasin Gianduzzo explains.

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In a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, The Kusnacht Practice’s Director of Biomolecular Restoration (BIO-R®), Nutrition & Lifestyle, Dr. med. vet. Antoinette Sarasin Gianduzzo takes us through the process of this unique treatment approach.

Refresh and rejuvenate with a stay along the shores of Lake Zurich, The Kusnacht Practice’s innovative “BIO-R®” programme is just the reset your body needs

Lying along the shores of Lake Zurich in the bucolic town of Kusnacht, Switzerland, The Kusnacht Practice (KP) feels more like a luxury hotel than a medical facility. Discretion is at the core of this individual-focused treatment facility which boasts over a decade worth of patients.

For fans of alternate treatments which lead to a sustainable healthy lifestyle, KP’s methods are ideal. Treated to the use of exclusive villas, complete with a team of doctors and chefs dedicated to their wellbeing, pampered patients emerge healthy and happy having experienced a total physical and mental rejuvenation.

BIO-R® is also a highly effective personalised method for detox, weight-loss, and specific anti-ageing properties. Through various medical examinations, underlying causes that impact a person’s health and emotional well-being are first determined, these insights in turn help the doctors to tailor a formulation of micronutrients, personal coaching and eating plans for each individual, with the long-term result being a sustainably healthy lifestyle.

As pioneers of Biomolecular Restoration (BIO-R®), the clinic has developed a highly effective method to identify and correct biochemical imbalances which lead to physical and mental downturns.

Dr. Antoinette Sarasin Gianduzzo, the Director of the Department of BIO-R®, Nutrition & Lifestyle, Member of Board of Directors and founder of the BIO-R® Programme speaks exclusively to team Bazaar about the innovative process.

Harper’s Bazaar Arabia (HBA): What is Biomolecular Restoration?

Dr. Antoinette Sarasin Gianduzzo (Dr. ASG): BIO-R® stands for Biomolecular Restoration and is our innovative and highly personalised medical treatment approach to empower and revitalise the body and mind, delay the ageing process and achieve maximal life potential (physically, emotionally and mentally) by providing in-depth state-of-the art laboratory testing, tailored micronutrient supplements, specific treatments on a cellular level and personalised coaching for strong and sustainable results. It is a unique medical treatment that detects the underlying causes and true roots of physical and emotional discomfort as well as ageing processes and treats them.

HBA: How does the treatment work?

Dr. ASG: Like a fingerprint, we differ from one person to the other and that’s why we have a team of experts at the KP who analyse your specific individual biochemistry with various detailed in-depth laboratory testings. Deficiencies of essential vitamins, Leaky Gut Syndrome, heavy metal loading and genetic predispositions are just some of the factors which can lead to psychological and physical issues. Our team of experts will evaluate your results and build your own tailor-made supplementation based on your individual needs to make you feel your best without negative side effects.

HBA: How long does it take to see results and what makes the treatment effective?

Dr. ASG: It depends on the initial status of metabolic stress and imbalances, but you experience positive effects within the initial 2 weeks. The extremely tailored and personalised approach, together with the combination of innovative treatments with effects on a cellular level, makes this treatment so effective.

HBA: What causes biochemical imbalances?

Dr. ASG: Food that is lacking in nutrients leads to deficiencies and imbalances. This in turn can offset anxiety, depression, insomnia and cravings. Biochemical deficiencies and imbalances are also caused by chronic physical and emotional stress, trauma, smoking and the use of prescription medications.

HBA: Do biochemical imbalances affect our physical or emotional wellbeing?

Dr. ASG: The true reason behind depression, anxiety and insomnia is linked with complex biochemical imbalances and deficiencies in the body and brain. To feel happy and healthy, we need a consistent supply of so-called micronutrients which includes essential vitamins, minerals, but also minor elements, amino and fatty acids.

HBA: How does BIO-R® help with detox and weight loss?

Dr. ASG: The combination of personalised BIO-R® diet prepared by your personal BIO-R® chef, tailored supplements in phases and treatments, together with specific coaching, makes it so efficient and sustainable with weight loss.

HBA: How can BIO-R® slow the ageing process?

Dr. ASG: Ageing is a disease with defined biochemical pathways such as oxidation, inflammation, glycosylation as well as degradation of mitochondria, the energy plants in every cell. We test where an organism stands, define the biological age and comprehensive programme to delay individual ageing processes based on test results.

HBA: Are there any side effects of the treatments?

Dr. ASG: There are no negative side effects when applied with our expertise over years. You simply look radiant and feel at your best.

HBA: Are repeat visits necessary?

Dr. ASG: Our goal is a sustainable strong gain in physical and emotional wellbeing as well as anti-ageing on a cellular level. Therefore, we recommend benefitting from a regular recharge stay of 2-3 weeks with lab re-testings and fine-tuned treatments at least twice a year.

HBA: Are patients required to stay at the clinic for the duration of the treatment?

Dr. ASG: Our residential, comprehensive programmes and support from our specialised BIO-R® chef allow the best initial booster and noticeable improvements in a short time. We then offer personalised ongoing programmes with support while being back home.

Article in Harper’s Bazaar Arabia: Everything You Need To Know About The Wellness Treatment of The Future, Straight From Switzerland. Published on 1st of September 2021.