When eating becomes a way to regulate emotions and leads to suffering – Video interview with Konrad Hitz about eating disorders

Interviews Videos When eating becomes a way to regulate emotions

Over the past six years, the number of patients admitted to hospitals due to eating disorders that may endanger their lives has nearly doubled. Eating disorders revealed by primary or secondary diagnosis among those admitted peaked at 13,885 over the year leading to April 2017.

Concerns have been voiced by both specialists and politicians that this rise in admissions came as a result of the failure of outpatient treatment. As a consequence, more people would become significantly unwell and find themselves in need of admission to hospital.

At the same time, research findings show a correlation between a person’s chances of recovery and how early treatment for eating disorders is undertaken.

What harm can individuals experience as a result of eating disorders? What are the signs of danger that somebody may be suffering from an eating disorder? These and other questions will be answered by Konrad Hitz in our video interview about eating disorders.

Dr. med. Konrad Hitz is an acclaimed psychiatrist and a specialist in providing support to clients who find themselves going through the effects of life-changing moments in their lives. His work at The Kusnacht Practice allows him to employ a holistic, unique approach to every client, which is important in the treatment of many issues, including eating disorders.